Descendants - 2015

108 sidor - 24x21 cm
300kr + frakt (fåtal kvar)

They became the Descendants, a cool gang of grease monkeys. Other guys with the same interest and attitude, which in this case means "No Attitudes", subsequently joined the club and today Descendants consists of 12 members. In this book you will meet the club and som of their friends. The bikes of the club includes some really wild choppers, fat electras, custom bikes, cross bikes, you name it.  

I wanted o catch the poetry in riding and wrenching because there is poetry in riding and wrenching, you just have to have an open mind to see it, feel it smell it, taste it. The words i´ve written or borrowed is from some of the greatest rock poets should bee seen as a complement to my pics, not an explenation. 

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Foto: Micke Pettersson

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